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"Going Green" - or at least talking about it - is in vogue today.  Most people are not fundamentally against it.  However, the commonly talked about solutions are not easy - either because they take a lot of time, money, or both.

You will find here tips for doing something green without much effort on your part.  You can go greener on your way to work, at work, in the yard, grocery shopping...  We urge you to give these tips a careful thought and do what you can. Eventually you will also find resources in San Francisco Bay Area for taking that small - or big - green step.  If you have a thought, we would love to hear from you!

Tip of the Day

Put your smartphone to work, and give the trees a break.  You can stop receiving the paper phonebooks.

  • AT&T Yellow Pages: Call AT&T at 800-848-8000 and ask to be excused from the weight training - front door to recycling can - every year
  • Verizon Super Yellow Pages: Fill out this form
  • Valley Yellow Pages: Click here, then on the "Opt-Out" tab, and fill out the information -or call the toll free number listed on that page

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